The Odyssey
Maps Book III


Map 1 : showing the places mentioned by horse-proud Nestor in his description of the return of his fleet from the siege of Troy (Lemnos, Tenedos, Lesbos, Psyria, Chios, Mount Mimas, Euboea and Geraestus), and the area from which great-hearted Achilles' Myrmidons originated (Phthia).

Map 2 : showing places visited by Telemachus (Pylos, Therae, Lacedaemia, Sparta), other places mentioned by Nestor, the Gerenian horse-lover, in his account of his journey home from the siege of Troy (Sunium and Malaea), the area of Crete where half of famous Menelaus' fleet was destroyed according to Nestor, son of Neleus, (Phaestus and Gortys), the place where Gerenian Nestor avoided the slaughter of his brothers by Heracles (Gerenia), the possible location of the Caucones (Elis and Messenia) and the home of Idomeneus (Crete).