The Odyssey
Maps Book XI

Map 1 : Iolcos, where Pelias lived and from whence Jason set sail with his Argonauts: Phylace, where Iphiclus kept his cattle : Thebes, where Oedipus married his mother : the mountains of Pelion, Ossa and Olympus which the Aloads piled one on top of the other in an attempt to scale the heights of heaven : Skyros, where Odysseus'  ships went to fetch Achilles' son, Neoptelemus : and Mysia, from whence Eurypylus hails and where the River Ceteius runs.


Map 2 : Dia (or Naxos) where Theseus abandoned Ariadne, or else she was taken from him, on the way home to Athens, having slain the minotaur at Cnossos.