Criticism and Commentary


In his essay on William Wordsworth's poetry, Thomas de Quincey writes:

In genial moments the characteristic remembrances of men expand as fuently as buds travel into blossoms; but criticism, if it is to be conscientious and profound, and if it is applied to an object so unlimited as poetry, must be almost as unattainable by any hasty effort as fine poetry itself..... And hence it is that, in the sense of absolute and philosophic criticism, we have little or none... 1

This is no doubt why there is more about the men than about the poetry here.

Alexander Pope 


John Donne

Lord Byron

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

William Blake

William Wordsworth


1  Dr Samuel Parr and Other Writings by Thomas de Quincey Edinburgh 1862 p234


list of poets  


Other poets
Elizabethan poets :
Christopher Marlowe
John Donne
Robert Greene
Edmund Spenser
Walter Raleigh

17th century poets
John Milton  
Andrew Marvell

Romantic poets
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Bysshe Bysshe Shelley

George Gordon, Lord Byron

William Wordsworth

John Keats

Rural poets  
Robert Burns  
John Clare

Victorian poets  
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Edward Lear
Lewis Carroll
Thomas Hardy  

Christina Rossetti