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The Ebook of Occasional Poems by Ed Selbach

Selbach's Medicinal Verse

including sonnets, limericks and odes

to be taken three or four times a day with a little sugar
no known adverse side effects

The Mathematics of Love

Did I divide? And did you multiply?
Did heaven and earth conceive delight in us,
Conspire with one another then to tie
Us to ourselves and magically bless
Our passionate fidelity with growth?
And will that child of our delight grow strong
And live, and gently breathe upon us both
With wanton breath, and set his sighs upon
Your lips, his seal upon your lips, his lips
Upon your lips? Know then that part of me
Is partly lost in you and ghostlike slips
Between you and your self. Read silently
The mathematics of our love and be
Divided here in multiplying me.


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