Maecenas was one of the richest men in Rome, a friend of the Emperor Augustus, and Horace’s patron.

Daedalus : great Athenian craftsman who fled to Crete when he was condemned by the Areopagus for doing away with his nephew and pupil, Talus, who threatened to outdo him in ingenuity. He built the maze to house the minotaur for King Minos, who then imprisoned him. Daedalus, however, constructed wings for himself and his son Icarus, using feathers and wax. Icarus unfortunately flew too close to the sun, and the wax melted, sending him

Bosphorus : the stretch of water dividing Asia and Europe, now called the Dardenelles.

Hyperborean Fields : literally ‘beyond the North Wind’, a land where, according to the Greeks, the sun rose and set only once a year, and people lived in peace and happiness.

Colchis : country at the East end of the Black Sea, the original home of Medea.

Dacians : a Thracian tribe who lived in what is now Rumania.

Geloni : a Scythian tribe who lived on the Northern shores of the Black Sea.