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Susanna and the Elders, Artemesia Gentileschi, c1610

Christina Georgina Rossetti 

A Daughter of Eve 

Goblin Market, The Prince’s Progress and Other Poems (1875, 45)
composed 1865 (35)

A fool I was to sleep at noon, 
And wake when night is chilly 
Beneath the comfortless cold moon; 
A fool to pluck my rose too soon, 
A fool to snap my lily. 

My garden-plot I have not kept; 
Faded and all-forsaken, 
I weep as I have never wept: 
Oh it was summer when I slept, 
It's winter now I waken. 

Talk what you please of future spring 
And sun-warm'd sweet to-morrow: 
Stripp'd bare of hope and everything, 
No more to laugh, no more to sing, 
I sit alone with sorrow.

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