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Venus and Adonis painting by Benjamin West

Amores Book I, No V >

It was hot and already past the middle of the day;
I stretched myself on top of the bed to relax,
My body half covered, the shuttered windows half closed. 
The light filtered in like it does in the forest when Phoebus
Descends in the West and a fugitive radiance plays,
Or where night is ending, but day has not quite begun,
The sort of delicate light that encourages girls 
To show themselves - when the shy or timorous hope 
To be able to hide their arousal - suddenly Corinna, 
Her dress half undone, her hair dividing to show
The fair white skin of her neck, appears at the door-
Semiramis herself on the night of her wedding looked so,
Or Lais on her bed with her lovers. I pulled at the dress - 
She tried to keep some scraps around herself,
But hard as she fought, unwilling at first to submit,
My final victory showed what she really wanted.
She stood before my eyes, all veils removed,
Her body completely revealed, and nowhere flawed.
What arms! What shoulders! What breasts I see and touch!
They are perfectly formed for my hands. I stretch out my fingers
Over the flat of her stomach, broad and inviting, 
Then down and over her thighs. But why tell all? 
There is no part of her body not worthy of praise,
And I press my naked form right down on hers.
Want to know more? We rested exhausted together.
May many middles of days like this come to me!

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