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The City of London School

G.E.Madeley City of London School, after J.B.Bunning. c1840

The City of London School was founded in 1442 by one John Carpenter, who left a bequest of land 'for the finding and bringing up of four poor men's children with meat, drink, apparel, learning at the schools, in the universities, &c., until they be preferred, and then others in their places for ever'. The bequest was administered by the London Corporation and in time the value of the income from the land far exceeded the expenses, and the building shown here was erected in Milk Street on the site of an old market.

The school did not discriminate against non conformists or Jews (as did most public schools at the time) and its curriculum was both practical and progressive. It was, for example, the first school to teach science and conduct scientific experiments, and the first school to include modern literature in the curriculum.

The school moved to a larger site on the Victoria Embankment in 1883, and has since moved again.

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